Rejuvenate Your Skin with Vitl Waters® Skincare– Made in Michigan!

With a combination of traveling, humidity, and not eating my best, my skin definitely suffers the most during the summer season.

I get more frequent breakouts during the summer and it's hard to cover up my skin with makeup when I'm trying to give my skin a break.

I had the opportunity to try Vitl Waters® skincare products over the summer and I must say that my skin has never looked better.


Vitl Waters® Skincare with Healing Mineral Water

The key to Vitl Waters® skincare line is the healing mineral water that they use in their products. There is a lot of history behind the healing mineral water and the water is derived from a well in Mount Clemens, MI.

The mineral water contains 34 minerals that not only make your skin look and feel healthy, it also offers pain relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, eczema and more.

Vitl Waters® Skincare Products


Each product on its own is unique and when used in junction with other products from their line, the results are even better.

At first I was just using the Vitl Waters® revitalizing moisturizer on its own and I noticed my skin became more hydrated. Then when I started using the Vitl Waters® revitalizing serum before applying the moisturizer I had even better results.

My skin was hydrated, but it looked even better than before and felt amazing. My skin was firmer and I noticed that much of the redness I had was gone. I would go a longer period of time without having any breakouts! This skincare combination is a must.

For Soreness and Pain Relief


I absolutely loved using the Vitl Waters® Ache Away® gel rub and bath salts to relieve my pain and soreness after my daily workouts. When starting a new routine I often felt my muscles were so sore that I couldn't continue the the new routine, even after having a rest day.

So, I started using the gel rub on my sore muscles after working out and soaking in a nice bath with the Vitl Waters® Ache Away® Bath Salts to help relax my muscles. I've had epsom salt baths before to try and relieve soreness, but nothing so far has worked better than the mineral infused bath salts from Vitl Waters.

This combination calms my skin, relaxes my muscles, and gives me comfort when I need it most. Starting a new workout routine isn't as daunting when I have great healing products that help.

Michigan-Made Skincare

Since using Vitl Waters® I have a huge appreciation for this incredible skincare line. I love supporting Michigan-made products and I'm so glad that we have Vitl Waters® here at home.

My skin looks great and feels great and I truly believe in the healing power of the minerals they infuse in their products. You have to try it to believe it and I'm sure that once you do, you will be more than satisfied!

You can visit Vitl Waters® online to check out more of their products like their restorative therapy water and restorative cream.


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