5 Road Trip Essentials! + DIY Carrying Case #ShareTheLyrics


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This summer is all about road trips! Don’t get me wrong, road trips can be stressful, but they are meant to be fun! It’s all in the planning, and if you prepare ahead of time you will have a stress-free road trip that will be full of great memories.


Our last two road trips were filled with great snacks, great music, and great company. You will most likely find me singing along to every single song we play in the car, having my own little jam-session because I’m all about the music. Of course the others in the car will roll their eyes and ask me to change the song a thousand times, but that doesn’t stop us from singing along and having fun while we drive to our destination.

During our trip, there will be one master-mind in charge of the music (usually the driver or me once I get my hands on the radio) and we’ll either make it into a game where one person sings the main words and we all sing the backup verses or we’ll go around and take turns singing each part of the song.


Another way to turn this into a game is to use what you have on hand during your road trip while you sing. For example, the Share a Song labeled Coca-Cola cans have different lyrics on them! You can pick a lyric from the label and then play that song and sing your heart out and then the next person can pick another lyric and play that song. Until you’ve run out of lyrics or drinks!

Below are my top 5 road trip essentials to keep you sane while you’re driving.


1.) SNACKS My favorite snacks to bring on a road trip are ones that I prepare myself just a day or two in advanced. I like to use Ziploc bags to keep everything fresh for our trip and I make a variety of snack-packs for everyone. We include chopped fruit and vegetables, nuts, homemade granola bars, and dark chocolate.


2.) DRINKS It’s important to stay hydrated during a road trip so pack a cooler and fill it with your favorite drinks. We typically only bring water and Coca-Cola to keep things simple, but feel free to pack whatever your heart desires. Continue reading to my DIY carrying case so you can take your cans of Coca-Cola out of your cooler and Share a Coke and a Song with your loved ones in a breeze.

3.) MUSIC You’re going to be driving for hours at a time, so make sure you have a great road trip playlist you can listen to while you’re driving. You can turn this into a game like I mentioned above and you can use an app like Spotify to create playlists of your favorite songs.

4.) SUNSCREEN This is an essential for us! We’re in the car for hours at a time and while there is A/C the sun is always beaming on our skin during the entire trip. We make sure to wear sunscreen at least an hour before we start road tripping and then we just reapply after a few hours or as needed. This makes us feel more comfortable and allows us to stay protected from the harsh rays.


5.) A COOLER Keep your snacks and drinks cool and fresh in a cooler filled with ice. Having your snacks and drinks in a cooler will keep your perishables from overheating in your car while you’re driving. It also helps to store your cooler in the trunk of your car, or on the floor of your backseat where it can be out of the direct sun.

DIY Carrying Case

Here is a quick and easy DIY to help you take your drinks from your cooler to your passengers. To make this you just need a few things: cardboard, labels or stickers for decorating, rope or string, and a hot glue gun.

DIY Carrying Case


To make this carrying case, just form the shape of a container that will hold your drinks using leftover cardboard and glue it together with hot glue. I used one that would hold about 8 drinks. Using a hole punch, cut out two holes where you want the slots for your rope. Tie string together and then braid them to make a rope. Using your hot glue gun, glue additional pieces of cardboard inside the case to divide the cans and keep them upright and in place. Then, just decorate the outside of the case with your favorite lyrics and you’re all done.

Photo Jul 12, 1 07 41 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 07 41 PM

To use this, all you have to do is put some Share a Coke cans in your carrying case and then place the case in the cooler with ice. During your road trip, all you would have to do is grab the carrying case full of your now cold drinks and you’ll be able to Share a Coke with all of the passengers in your car without having to struggle.


I picked up my Share a Coke cans from my local Sam's Club! They come in a 24pk that is perfect for road trips. Be sure to check them out during your next shopping trip!


Sharing a Coke and a Song during your road trip can make it more enjoyable and stress-free. Sharing your favorite lyrics with your loved ones can be a great way to have fun during a long trip. Remember, it’s not just about the destination– it’s about having fun along the way!