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When I was pregnant, I remember taking prenatal vitamins every single day and I absolutely hated it. They were huge pills that had a nasty aftertaste that would linger all day long and I could never get over. Although I knew it was beneficial to my son and I, it was always such a struggle to take them.

Prenatal vitamins have come a long way since then and I’m glad to have been introduced to Premama vitamins recently. Not only do they offer a complete range of vitamins that you need, they also come in a variety of forms such as drink mixes and chews.

Premama offers a variety of vitamins for your needs whether you are trying to get pregnant, are currently pregnant, or you’ve already had your baby. Their line includes the following products you can choose from which come in either drink mixes or as a chew: Premama Fertility, Premama Lactation, Premama Digestive Health, Premama Essentials, and Premama Essentials + DHA.

Premama is now available at select Meijer stores, which is great for me because I love shopping at Meijer. You can find the variety in their vitamin isles. I personally found them in the multivitamins section in that area. They were easy to spot because the packaging is very vibrant and has a distinct mama on there you can notice from afar.

I chose the Premama Prenatal Essentials and the Premama Digestive Aid to try out. The Premama Essentials is great because it contains Folic Acid and Iron and also contains 30mg of Vitamin B6 which helps relieve morning sickness. You simple pour the drink mix in your favorite flavored beverage and you’re ready to drink. Since this one is flavorless, I like to add it to my strawberry lemonade and enjoy it that way.


The Premama Digestive Aid is a prenatal fiber and probiotic chew. It contains 2g of fiber and helps support healthy digestion. It also helps support a healthy immune system with 1 billion CFUs of probiotics. During your pregnant you can experience constipation and bloating, so these chews are great to combat that.

• Premama Fertility – Save $4 • Premama Essentials – Save $4 • Premama Essentials + DHA – Save $5 • Premama Lactation – Save $4 • Premama Digestive Aid – Save $3

Now through September 25 you can save on Premama products at Meijer.

What I love about Premama products is that they are perfect for those who have trouble swallowing pills. The drink mixes are very easy to use and since they contain the essential vitamins you need before, during, and after your pregnancy, you can rest assure knowing that you’re getting all of your needs met with Premama.


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Be sure to check out the Premama website to learn more about the vitamins you need for your prenatal care. Find a store near you that carries Premama products.

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