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Are you excited for the Season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time? Are you just dying to know what’s going to happen this season? Well, I am too! That’s why I was so excited to be able to watch the Season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time and sit down with co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis for an exclusive Q&A earlier this week.

Creators and executive producers of "Once Upon a Time," Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

Emma Swan, The Savior

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

Adam told us several times that Once Upon A Time is a show about hope and that the characters are going to fight for that hope. This season, we are going to get inside of Emma’s head. Since we met her 6 years ago she didn’t believe in magic or fairy tales and now that we’ve seen her grow into the Savior her faith will be tested this season.

She has gone on several adventures returning happy endings, but is she doing it because she believes in it or is she just doing it because that’s her job? Would she keep doing her job even if that means she doesn’t get a happy ending? Does she ever get a happy ending? These are some of the questions that will be posed while exploring what it means to have the responsibility of a Savior.

Speaking of Saviors, I asked if we can expect anymore saviors this season since we’ve explored a lot of dark ones in the past. Edward said that if last year we were exploring dark ones and that mythology than this year we will be exploring savior mythology– what it means to be a savior, who they could have been before and who they could be next, etc. How exciting right?


Robin– is he coming back?

I can tell you one thing– they’re definitely not going back to the Underworld this season. There’s been a lot of loss in the show and this season we will be seeing how Regina deals with the loss of her love and how she is able to move on. And by moving on, that doesn’t necessarily mean falling in love with someone right away because that’s not very realistic, but moving on in the sense of going through the stages of grief.

Characters To Expect This Season

According to Adam, we will be seeing Captain Nemo, Count of Monte Cristo, Cinderella, her Evil Stepmom and Stepsisters, Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, and some old favorites like Archie/Jiminy Cricket, the Dwarfs, etc. We’ve seen these characters who have been on the show popping back up in the last few seasons going on journeys whether it’s to Neverland or the Underworld. Now that they’re back in Storybrooke, we’re going to dig more into their daily lives and what “normal” is.

What Are The Untold Stories?

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

In the past, we’ve seen characters within the storybook who have been affected by the curse whose happy endings have been ripped away by the Evil Queen. With the Land of Untold Stories, it’s a little different. These are characters who have run away from their stories, who have left them and run to this other place. These are stories that for whatever reason, the characters didn’t want to see continue. For these characters, many of them met forces of antagonism who didn’t want to deal with it and then went somewhere else.

Belle and Rumple

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For me I think once of the most frustrating relationships to watch on the show was definitely that of Belle and Rumple. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rumplestilskin’s character on the show however I hate how time and time again he has still chosen power over love– Not just with Belle, but with Baelfire too. So what can we expect from Belle this season?

(ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Belle is in a place where she’s given up on Rumple, but because they have a child together it makes things a bit more complicated. Of course deep down she still loves him, but she is also very frustrated and disappointed in him, too. And you can’t really blame her. Belle is going to be tested this season, for sure.

What Rumple came to terms with last year was that this is who he is. If Belle wants him to be a better man, then he is. But if she wants him to be a different man, then he can’t. I would agree that in general Rumple is a better man that he was when we first met him 6 years ago, but like he said to Belle earlier he’s not ready to give up his life of deal-making. We will see this unfold more this season!

Zelena, Regina, and The Evil Queen

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Long live the Queen! Right? To be honest I really loved Regina’s character because she had both sides to her, the dark side and that really heroic side we got to explore as her character developed over the seasons. Now that the Evil Queen has been separated from her what can we expect? In Season 5, Regina lost two very important parts of her– Robin and the Evil Queen. So she is in a very fragile state and there’s no telling what she’s going to do. She is definitely going to come to terms with a lot of new changes and she will face new challenges this season, so I’m excited to see how it unfolds this season.

With Zelena, we’ve seen her wicked side– she is the Wicked Witch after all. But now that she has a baby, and she’s living with Regina, it’s hard to predict what we can expect from her this season as well. There are a lot of people that she’d killed and now who have grudges against her and also the people who are her family. The Evil Queen coming back is definitely a wildcard in how she’s going to react to this.

I personally think that Zelena is going to take the Evil Queen’s side because that’s who she envied deep down. She could totally surprise us and take Regina’s side, but thinking about Zelena’s character and what she’s gone through, especially in the last season with the loss of Hades… I bet she is just fuming with revenge.

Season 6 Premiere!


Season 6 of Once Upon A Time will premiere today, September 25 at 8pm EDT on the ABC Television Network. In the season premiere episode, “The Savior,” as our heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma develops a mysterious side effect and Storybrooke becomes a haven for people from the Land of Untold Stories.

Meanwhile, Regina and Zelena embrace their newfound sisterhood by becoming roommates, while Rumple tries to free Belle from the sleeping Curse with the help of a stranger. In flashback, Jafar confronts an afflicted Aladdin in Agrabah, and a secret about the Savior is revealed.

About Once Upon A Time

Welcome to Storybrooke, a small town in Maine that you won’t find on any map. This town is full of magic, populated by fairytale characters once cursed by the Evil Queen Regina to live in our world—deprived of their memories and happy endings. Until Emma Swan came to town and changed everything. With the help of her son, Henry, Emma embraced her true identity as the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming—the Savior destined to break the Curse. But even after returning everyone’s memories, Emma’s mission was far from over. With the Curse broken, Mr. Gold (aka Rumplestiltskin) was free to bring magic to Storybrooke. And magic ALWAYS comes with a price…

For more information on “Once Upon a Time,” visit abc.com/Once.

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Tune in today, September 25 at 8pm EDT for the Season Premiere of Once Upon A Time on the ABC Television Network.

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