NKD Pizza in Sterling Heights #BloggersDoPizza


Thanks to NKD Pizza Sterling Heights for hosting us! All opinions are my own.

I am obsessed with pizza. You guys honestly have no idea. I think I could probably eat pizza for the rest of my life if I could. The only problem with me and pizza is that it’s not the healthiest thing to have pretty often. Now I know what you’re thinking, Cauliflower Pizza, right? Well, I’ve had many a cauliflower pizza in my day and while it’s pretty healthy, it just does NOT satisfy my pizza craving no matter how many different ways I make it. Enter NKD Pizza. My new favorite guilty pleasure.


I had the chance to try NKD Pizza in Sterling Heights last week with a group of other local bloggers and I was so glad I did. They are a type of fast fire pizza chain that is entirely different from others I’ve tried in the past. They offer a variety of options to fit your dietary need whether it’s gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or even dairy-free. They source their ingredients locally and use a special Ancestral Blend of 10 grains in their crust which left me feeling full and energized.


NKD Pizza offers fresh, all-natural ingredients. No additives or preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. No GMO’s or MSG. Just real ingredients that are prepared fresh every day. Each pizza is made with care and if you have a food allergy, rest assure that the staff will take care of your needs. They are well versed in preparing pizzas separately for people with a gluten allergy by using separately stations and utensils for each pizza. They also prepare the dough in a completely different area as well, and they are cooked in a separate station. Gluten-free ingredients are covered so there is a very rare chance of cross-contamination and I really appreciate the level of care they take with this very serious food allergy. If you are dairy free, they offer Daiya cheese which is a must for pizza lovers who are missing the cheesy flavor and if you are vegan/vegetarian, they offer an array of freshly prepared ingredients to meet your needs.


When halal meat is not offered at a restaurant, I tend have to eat vegetarian and I was so pleased with my pizza. I made my own spin off a Margherita pizza by substituting the tomatoes for olives and I loved it! You can really taste the difference in how fresh the ingredients are and I really enjoyed the addition of the roasted garlic in my pizza as well. It added such a flavor kick that was not overpowering and the basil really pulled the entire pizza together– it was absolutely delicious! Their ingredients are all freshly sliced, even their pineapple! You won’t find anything canned or frozen and their meats are locally sourced, 100% natural free of growth hormones and antibiotics. All of their sauces are made in-house with no added sugars or citric acid as well.


One thing that I really enjoyed about the NKD Pizza options is their crusts. The crusts are made form an Ancestral Blend® of 10 grains plus prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics bound by water and made by hand! The grains include: oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt, tapioca, and two kinds of wheat. So not only will you feel satisfied with this blend of ingredients from the crust alone, you won’t get that nasty crash you get from regular pizzas and you’ll have a good source of fiber and probiotics in your system to keep your energy levels up.


Their prices are slightly higher compared to their competitors however I think it’s absolutely WORTH every penny. They source their ingredients locally, prepare it fresh every single day, have a special blend of grains in their crust to keep you satisfied, no preservatives or artificial flavors or GMO’s and their staff is trained in any food allergy you throw at them! I think this more than compensates for the price and to be honest, I don’t mind paying a little extra for a healthier and more delicious pizza if you ask me! Also, if you live within 2 square miles of the Sterling Heights location, they will deliver to you for a small fee of $1.50. Totally worth it.


You can learn more about NKD Pizza by visiting their website and following along on their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Location: 2100 Metro Pkwy Sterling Heights, MI 48310