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I’ve tried a lot of different methods of hair removal from shaving and waxing to laser treatments and more.

I am currently experiencing laser treatments and I’ll talk about my experience separately in a different post, but I wanted to tell you more about one method that I’ve enjoyed for years– waxing.

Waxing is painful, I get it.

But for me, it was probably the best method of hair removal I’ve tried before laser. What impresses me the most about waxing as a method of hair removal is that my results last for up to 8 weeks usually!

Methods of Waxing

I used to wax myself in a few different methods.

One method I tried was using hard wax. You stretch, place, and peel the wax from your skin. This is not very convenient and it is time-consuming, but if this is something you want to try, it does work.

Another method I tried was a wax warmer. You apply warm wax over your area of concern and place a cloth/paper strip on top, then you pull it off in the opposite direction to remove the hair.

While this latter method is much faster, it is very messy at times.


Using Nair is a great option for hair removal because it’s fast, easy, and convenient. I’ve tried Nair in the past and I was always so impressed with how well it worked.

The new Nair Nourish line and Wax Ready-Strips soothe your skin with Japanese Cherry Blossom and 100% Natural Rice Bran Oil.

Nair Nourish Line


The Nair Nourish Shower Power works while you shower. It saves you time and leaves you with soft, smooth skin that lasts days longer than shaving. It’s easy to use and apply and comes with a specially-designed sponge that helps remove hair after application.


The Nair Nourish Sprays Away is convenient to use. The no-touch spray works in under 4 minutes and leaves you with soft, smooth skin. The spray gives you control so you have a more precise and mess-free application.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom and 100% Narwal Rice Bran Oil keeps your skin nice and soft after hair removal. It also keeps your skin looking and feeling radiant until your next application.

Wax Ready-Strips


The ready-to-use wax strips for legs and body are great if you’re used to waxing in the traditional method I mentioned earlier. They are the only no-prep, no-warm, no-rub wax strips among leading wax strips.

What’s great about these is that they are easy to use. All you have to do is peel the strip and place them on your area of concern and you’re ready to go. These also help minimize regrowth of hair.

The ready-to-use wax strips for face and bikini work in the similar way as the legs and body strips, except they focus on smaller areas of concern. I use these strips on my upper lip area because results are long-lasting. I don’t have to worry about it again for several weeks.

Beauty Must-have

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The new Nair Nourish line and Wax Ready-Strips are a beauty must-have. They make great stocking stuffers for the beauty guru in your life.

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What are your thoughts about hair removal? Have you tried waxing or Nair before?
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