Why We Loved Goldfish Swim Schools

I was fortunate enough to have the amazing opportunity to work with Goldfish Swim Schools recently and I wanted to share my experience with you!

Goldfish Swim Schools offers swim lessons for children 4 months to 12 years that will not only teach them how to swim, but also help them to build character and teach them safety awareness. 

Walking into Goldfish Swim Schools for the first time left my son extremely excited to get started.

The atmosphere and energy is great and so colorful! The staff treats you like family from the start. The swim teachers are there for you child and really encourage them to not only do their best, but to also have fun!

When I asked my son what he thought during his first time swimming with Goldfish, he told me it was so fun and that he couldn’t wait to go back. Everyday he would ask me when we would go again. When I asked him what he thought of the pool, he said it was so warm and cozy– and it’s true! At Goldfish Swim Schools, the temperature of the water is 90 degrees, making it shiver-free.

The facility itself is pretty large and very organized, with several stations around for certain things.

There is a changing area as well as a bathroom area where your child can get ready for lessons each day. There are also cubbies for storage around every corner. There is a hair-drying station, which I love! Especially during the winter months, when I don’t want my child to walk outside with soaking wet hair, this station is the best. After our lessons I would use it to quickly dry my son's hair before heading outside.

You can also find a shower area inside the swimming pool room, which is divided by a huge large glass window with a seating area for you to watch your child during their lessons.

There is a shop right inside where you can purchase swim gear like swimming clothes, googles and caps. This is so convenient incase you’re just starting with your lessons and don’t have any on hand.

The swim lessons vary depending on the plan you choose.

Wee had lessons once a week for 30 minutes. The groups are small so that each instructor can really focus on each individual child. My son’s group had just 2 others with him, and watching them swim was so fun! The instructor that my son had really made it enjoyable for him and she was able to teach him several important lessons that we were able to carry with us to the beach and other public swimming pools.

At the end of each lesson, they awarded him with a little ribbon for his achievement depending on what he learned that day. I thought that was so cute and having a reward system like that makes it so fun for the kids.

Overall, my experience with Goldfish Swim Schools was really enjoyable and I highly recommend you enroll your children in this program if you live near a Goldfish Swim School!

Your child will be in good hands and they will have so much fun while learning the importance of swimming and safety! I honestly wish I lived closer, I would be here all the time! It was awesome.

Is your child enrolled in swimming lessons?
What do you think of Goldfish Swim Schools?