Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookies


If you're looking for some holiday fun, these elf on the shelf sugar cookies are the perfect treat! They are fun to make and delicious to eat. elf-on-the-shelf-sugar-cookies

At the North Pole, Santa has special helpers who help families create fun traditions.

These elves are always playing hide and seek!

One of my favorite traditions during the holidays is making sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are so much fun to make because your creativity is endless when it's time to decorate.

My sister has been baking for 3 years now and she specializes in sugar cookies. So this is always a real treat for us.


What is The Elf on the Shelf?

The Elf on the Shelf is a book that comes with an elf who is Santa's special helper. He helps Santa by serving as his eyes and ears in the home, often playing hide-and-seek! He tells Santa who is being Naughty or Nice.

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun tradition for your family.

You can learn more on The Elf on the Shelf website. You'll find lots of inspiration for finding and creating new traditions with your family.

Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookies


What I love about these Elf on the Shelf sugar cookies is that you can customize them! You can add your child's name or your elf's name. You can even change the colors if you wish.

Zach loves these sugar cookies. Not only do they taste great, they are so cute!

You can make these with your little ones and each child can write their own names on their elves. Making holiday cookies is definitely one of our favorite things to do during the season.


During the holidays, we like to make these in batches and then box them as goodies or gifts. They make cute gifts for your little ones or even their teachers right before winter break.

These are really nice if you're attending a holiday party, too. You can gift them to the hosts.

The Elf on the Shelf is such a fun family tradition and you can really get creative with it. This is just one way my family likes to get creative with the Elf on the Shelf.

Do you have an elf on the shelf? Where are your favorite hiding places?

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