Visiting the Domino's Pizza Headquarters + $50 Gift Card Giveaway!


IMG_9705 As you all may know, I am in a serious and committed relationship with pizza. Pizza is always there for me, it never breaks my heart, and it picks me up when I’m feeling down… or hungry. I was so excited to be invited to visit the Domino’s world headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan recently. I learned so much about the company, learned how they make their iconic pizzas, and even had the chance to speak with the CEO, Patrick Doyle.

I was in awe as soon as I entered the headquarters. The entire first floor is filled with incredible works of art and Domino’s memorabilia. Here are some of my personal favorites all inspired by Domino’s and some even created using pizza boxes! You’ll even find the DXP which is Domino’s own delivery vehicle, as well as a recreation of the Volkswagen Beetle in which one of the founders traded to his brother for his share of the company.

Cool Facts About Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza was first called DomiNick’s and later changed the name to Domino’s 5 years later.

The three dots in the Domino’s logo represent the first three stores that opened. They wanted to add a dot for each new store that opened, but the business quickly took off and they realized they were going to fun out of space to add the dots.

Domino’s has a large international market with it’s largest based in India which just opened its 1,000th location.

With Domino’s “Anyware” technology, you can order Domino’s online using various platforms such as Twitter, Texting, Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Apple iWatch, Ford Sync, and more. You can create a Pizza Profile so your order can be ready to place every time using "Zero-Click" technology.

There are about 155 DXP’s on the road. They are Domino’s own line of delivery vehicles which were built on the Chevy Spark platform. Although small, this car can hold up to 80 pizzas and has it’s own oven to keep your pizza’s warm on the road. It’s pretty awesome!

Domino’s Menu Facts

There are 17 Supply Chains in the nation which make fresh dough, other ingredients and toppings and even boxes to your local Domino’s. If you live in Michigan, your fresh dough is coming from New Boston, Michigan at least twice a week.

Domino’s now has salads, and I got to try them. They are really good! They offer Classic Garden, Chicken Caesar, and Chicken Apple Pecan. They are packaged in a way to ensure freshness and to prevent contamination. Very smart.

They actually offer a gluten-free crust! This was news to me, I had no idea. It is not recommended if you have Celiac Disease because it is processed in a factory that contains gluten, but if you just have a gluten sensitivity like me you should try it. Patrick Doyle, the CEO even said that his daughters prefer this crust to the original. How cool is that?

Domino’s offers different toppings around the world to suit their customers tastes preferences. You’ll find bananas as a topping in Brazil, reindeer sausage in Iceland, fish sticks in China, and stir-fried noodles in Taiwan.

The New Face of Domino’s

Domino’s has gone through a lot of changes over the past decade from the revamped recipes, menu expansion, use of technology, and upgraded logo, to what Domino’s calls the Pizza Theater. The Pizza Theater is a complete renovation which gives customers more transparency as to how their food is being made with a full view of the kitchen as well as the pizza-making process upfront. It is more welcoming and customer-friendly than what I remember Domino’s to be several years ago.

Domino’s Pizza Profile

The Domino’s Pizza Profile allows you to earn rewards as you order with Domino’s. By creating a profile and adding your favorite orders to your “Easy Order”, you can order even faster using the Anyware technology mentioned above. The Piece of the Pie Rewards loyalty program also allows you to redeem a free medium two-topping pizza for every 60 points.

Thank you Domino's!

I learned so much about Domino’s during my time at the headquarters and I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend. I would have never known about all the cool things Domino’s has been up to over the past years. During my time there, we even had the chance to create our very own pizzas for lunch and see the process that goes into making pizzas. It was truly a remarkable experience! Thank you for hosting me, Domino’s.



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