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Although summer is meant for slowing down and relaxing, this summer has been anything but slow. From one exciting event after another, this summer has kept me on my feet to say the least.

From attending my cousins’ weddings, taking summer courses and completing my internship to visiting new places each week with my son, it has been busy. 

I’m graduating this December (fingers crossed) and I will be having a small get together with my family and friends. Since the end of the year is packed with holidays, I will have to think about sending out my invitation in a couple of months. 

Planning events and parties are so fun for me. Being able to customize and design the invitations is one of the best parts and thankfully Basic Invite makes the process easier.

Birth Announcements

Basic Invite is an online personalized invitation shop. They offer a variety of options to create your perfect invitation whether that’s an invitation to a wedding, party, graduation, or even birth announcements.

Browsing their website, I think their birth announcements are seriously one of the cutest! If you know someone that will be having a baby soon, this would be perfect for them. I had the chance to go over some of the birth announcements and I think they are just adorable. 

I love how customizable they are and I wish I had known about Basic Invite back when Zach was born. I would have used their baby boy birth announcements for sure. They even have the sweetest baby girl birth announcements as well!

Why Choose Basic Invite

There are a few things that makes Basic Invite stand out from the rest including their unlimited colors, beautiful designs and layouts, and even their sampling options.

You can choose from a great selection of fonts, over 180 colors, designs, and sizes. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that gives you unlimited color options. Even if you choose a design you are able to change the colors of each element as much as you need to without starting over.


Each card is printed on your choice of cardstock with over 40 envelope colors, making it completely customizable from start to finish. The envelopes are all peel and seal making it quick and easy for you to send out to your friends and family. It also ensures that the envelopes are secure!

The best part is that you can view your cards instantly online and even order a Truly Custom sample to make sure your design is perfect when delivered. This allows you to get a feel for how the stationery quality will be as well as how it will print before placing your final order.

Another awesome feature that sets Basic Invite apart is the Free Address Collection Service. This allows you to request your addresses with just three easy steps. You can share a link, collect addresses and get free envelop printing. How cool is that?

Get started today with Basic Invite and plan your next perfect invitation!

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