Skincare Routine for Colder Months + Giveaway! #TMMGiftGuide

Thank you Auspect Skincare for providing me with Hydrate Plus Moisturizer! All opinions expressed in my skincare routine are my own.


My skincare routine varies each season with new products and old favorites, but I generally follow the same outline each time.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually wear makeup everyday.

In fact, I usually don’t wear makeup unless I have a special occasion or a press event. That’s why my skincare routine is so important. Most of the time I just let my skin shine through as naturally as it can.

I love to assess my skin’s current state each season and choose products that I know will help my skin feel healthy and fresh.

During the colder months, I emphasize on moisturizer as best as possible.

My current skincare routine:

1. Cleanser

First, I cleanse my face. Even when I don’t wear makeup.


For this step, I have been loving the ACURE Organics Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub. The Moroccan red clay draws out impurities while the black jojoba beads gently exfoliate my skin. I love this because it not only cleanses my skin, but it polishes away the dead skin with the soft exfoliation.

For a deeper cleanse, I love using this with my CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying cleaning brush. It offers gentle vibrations to a deeper cleanse and does wonders when I have a break out.

2. Face Mask

After cleansing my face, I treat it with a face mask. I only do this about twice a week because I don’t want to over exfoliate. I love using the Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask for this step. The Vitamin E from the avocado and oatmeal moisturizes my skin leaving it nice and soft. I apply this and let it dry and then rinse it off in the shower.

3. Toner

Next is toner. Toner is great for helping to shrink your pores to make them appear smaller. It also restores the pH balance of your skin when used properly. I love using the Burts Bees Radiance Toner because it helps remove any lingering makeup/dirt from your face after cleansing. It also does a great job of leaving my skin feeling firm.

4. Moisturizer

This is my favorite and most important step for me. I have severe dry skin during the colder seasons. If I don’t properly care for my skin, it peels and gets really dry, red, and irritated. I have been loving the Auspect™ Hydrate Plus 4-in-1 moisturizer.

It dramatically replenishes vital moisture reserves which improves the appearance of dull and uneven skin tone. This moisturizer gives me a brighter and more radiant complexion that I love to flaunt without makeup on.

The packaging makes it easy to apply. Just by pressing down on the top of the package, the product is released and you can easily scoop it up with your fingers. No need to dig deep into jars and get messy. This design also reduces bacteria from forming inside, too so it’s more sanitary.


The moisturizer itself quickly and effortlessly absorbs into my dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and luscious. My skin looks brighter and healthy every time I use this and it has been my go-to this season. Auspect™ Skincare products are based on over 10 years of research and use ingredients derived from pure essential oils. Learn more about Auspect ingredients here.

5. Water


I’m sure you read all about the importance of drinking water. You need it to survive, and it’s great for your skin. Water helps give you healthy, glowing skin. I try to drink my recommended amount of water each day. I notice a huge improvement in my skincare when I’m drinking water, so it’s always on my mind when improving my skincare routine.

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Have you tried the Auspect before?
What is your favorite step of your skincare routine?
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    Stephanie V. — November 5, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Resveratrol Crème looks amazing!

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    Looks like a Great Product!

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    I need to get that mask and I really need to start a routine lol

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    The auspect starter set

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    I am most interested in trying the EXFOL +.

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    Vita B Serum would be great.

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    I’d like to try the vita c serum!

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    A product im most interested in trying is the gentle cream

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    I would love to try their Eye Lift.

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    I would be interested in trying their Eye Lift product.

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    Jackie — November 20, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    I’m interested in the Auspect Hydrate Plus, I too live in Michigan and know how harsh the cold can be on our skin

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    I would like to try the Vita C Serum

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