How To Save Energy and Money This Season #WindPower

With the temperature dropping at a rapid pace and snow falling soon it’s only a matter a time before we really start cranking up the heater in our house. We have a pretty big house which takes a lot of energy to heat up which means our bills during the winter will only increase as well. Here are some of my tips for saving energy and money during this cold season.


1.) Turn Off The Lights!

This is the most basic thing you can do, but for some reason my brothers seem to struggle with the idea of turning the lights off, especially …. wait for it…. DURING THE DAY. This is one thing I fail to understand and it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate when the lights are on during the daytime, it drives me insane. It’s so simple to turn the lights off and it literally takes a couple of seconds to do. Turning off the lights when you leave a room can really add up in your savings overtime. Also? It just makes sense! Now, I’m not going to lie, I do love a good night light at night but I’ve been switching to candles recently which has also helped too!

2.) Turn Down The Heat

This may seem a little crazy, but hear me out. If you turn down the heat just a few degrees or even turn it off completely when you’re not even at home, then you can definitely save some energy and money. Instead, opt for thick blankets and get cozy inside with sweaters and fuzzy socks. It makes a huge difference. I even decided to make my son a blanket this winter for this very reason and he loves it. It’s really warm and cozy and a great money-saving idea.

3.) Limit Showers and/or Turn Down the Water Heater

My sister and I spend the most time in the bathroom when it comes to our shower routine, but we spend the least amount of water in our household. Does that even make sense? haha If you limit showers, and by “showers” I mostly mean the amount of time the water is actually running, then you can save a lot of money during the Winter (and even during the summer, too). Try cutting your shower time in half. You can also turn down your water heater a few degrees to save energy that way as well.

4.) Keep The Heat In

We always have a problem with our drafty windows during this time of year. If there are drafty windows in your home, think about using heavy plastic sheets and tape them to the frame to keep the cold air out. You can also use bubble wrap too. Another idea would be to hang insulating drapes on the windows to keep the heat in as well.

5.) Think About The Future

Xcel Energy knows that wind energy is more than an environmental choice, it can help you keep energy rates affordable. You can support the increase in renewable energy generation and be part of a grown community of environmentally-sensitive consumers. Every block of wind power purchased supports a cleaner, healthier community and environment. Xcel is the nation’s number 1 wind power provider for the past decade. They currently provide wind power solutions in Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Mexico!

What is your family doing to promote more renewable energy? How are you saving energy this season?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Xcel Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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