2015 Hyundai Santa Fe

I’m almost always pretty intimidated when it comes to driving bigger cars like the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe, but the ease of use and the comfort level inside quickly calms me down. I was really excited to test drive the Santa Fe for a week thanks for DriveShop.


It arrived in a nice circuit silver color that automatically made the car look extremely fresh and classy. Right off the bat I was excited to learn that it comes with 3rd row seating, a 4.3-inch touchscreen audio system, and stain-resistant cloth heated seats.

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If you’re carrying a bunch of groceries, gear, or even a huge picnic basket you need to put away in the back, you can automatically open the rear lift gate with this neat little feature: simply stand within 3 feet behind the Santa Fe for more than 3 seconds with the proximity key and it will open. Seriously, such a convenient feature to have! Plus, there’s so much cargo space I was loving it! It’s perfect for going on long trips with your family.

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The Santa Fe LTD AWD comes with 3rd row seating making this perfect for larger family sizes. It seats up to 6 passengers and comes with 2nd row captain’s chairs to up the comfort level. The 2nd row captain’s chairs are only available in this model, the Santa Fe Limited, and heated rear seats are also available in this as well, which is awesome during the Winter.

The seats were so easy to fold down, they come with these belts you can just pull to allow the 3rd row seating to fold down if you needed any extra storage space. The 2nd row captain’s chairs also fold down which is a bonus if you needed to carry larger items with you. What I love about the seats folding down this way is that you can still seat passengers if you needed to. Going on longer road trips or car rides would be a breeze in this car and would help make your passengers even more comfortable, which is also nice.

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Passengers can also adjust the temperature settings from the back, too which is so awesome! You no longer have to hear complaints about the temperature settings not being right because they can just adjust them themselves as needed. Another cool feature is that you can actually fold down the 2nd row captain’s chairs using a lever (shown above) from the 3rd row area. This is so convenient!

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One thing that usually lacks in cars that offer 3rd row seating is the leg-room, but not in the Santa Fe. In both the 2nd row captain’s chairs and in the 3rd row seating the leg-room was very spacious and comfortable for my passengers. Sitting in the back was just as comfortable as siting in the 2nd row and driver’s seat and I loved that. Often times I find that 3rd row seating can be really tight to make up for added storage space, but I thought it was perfect in the Santa Fe.

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One thing I love is that the Santa Fe comes with a proximity key that you can keep in your pocket or purse as you drive. You can use it to unlock the car, start the engine with an easy push of a button, even open and close the rear lift gate. Having the keyless entry option with the proximity key is so convenient especially if you’re a very busy person and are always on the go. You don’t need to fumble around looking for keys. From the steering wheel I also have the ability to control the radio settings and answer any phone calls I get on while I’m driving– all while keeping my hands and eyes on the road.

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The 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe includes an 8-inch touchscreen, a navigation system, a standard 4.3-inch touchscreen color audio system with 12 speakers, a rearview camera and more! You can easily connect your iPod, iPhone, or any other music source vis USB or auxiliary input jacks. I personally use the auxiliary input jacks and the bluetooth features to listen to music while I’m driving. It’s really easy to set up and use and with the bluetooth I’m able to answer phone calls and messages, too. All hands-free.

The Santa Fe also comes with dual automatic temperature control settings that are such a nice feature when you have picky passengers! This feature allows you to adjust the temperature setting for front-seat passengers, the driver and passenger can choose their preferred temperatures separately which keeps everyone happy and comfortable. I’m personally always freezing so I like to keep the temperature pretty warm while my passenger might like to keep things a bit cooler. This way we don’t have to complain and everyone can enjoy the car ride.

For me, having a rearview camera is such a luxury because I struggle so bad with reverse parking and it’s always nice to be able to have another view of what’s going on behind the vehicle. Of course checking your mirrors is a must as to not rely solely on this feature, but it is nice to have and I’m glad the Santa Fe includes it!

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The Santa Fe includes a huge panoramic sunroof that gives your passengers a great amount of fresh air and sunlight (or moonlight!) while riding in the car. I love when cars feature panoramic sunroofs because it makes the ride a little more enjoyable for my son who is such a fan of them. He also loves that the 2nd row includes window sun shades. These are easily hidden inside of the door so you can store them away when they’re not in use. But on a sunny day, these come in handy!

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Some safety features in the Santa Fe include Downhill Brake Control, Hillstart Assist Control, a driver’s knee airbag (such a must!), Blind Spot Detection, added traction in the wheels, and more. There’s an available radar-system in the Santa Fe that detects when a car is in your blind spot. It gives you a warning to let you know that there’s a car in your blind spot with a beep and visual aid. There’s also the rearview camera I mentioned as well that lets you know if there are any cars or objects in your way as you reverse. It also includes lane change assist which allows you to know the proximity of the cars in the lanes beside you and whether or not it’s ok for you to switch lanes. If it’s not, it will give you an audible warning. The headlights on the Santa Fe were great while driving at night and allowed me to enjoy the ride without having to worry about not having any street lights to guide me.


The Santa Fe comes with 19-in alloy wheels that have plenty of traction. I always love test-driving these bigger cars during to Winter to see just how well they hold up against the snow. But the Santa Fe did a great job with sharp turns even during the warmer weather. It comes with Active Cornering Control (AWD) to give the driver improved traction by transferring the engine torque to the rear wheels and applying braking force for turns which is compatible for all kinds of weather. The Santa Fe was really easy to drive and manage and offered a really smooth drive wherever I went.


Overall, I really enjoyed the driving the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe. I think it’s a great car for a larger family or even if you have a smaller family and enjoy taking road trips! It has some pretty great features that I enjoyed while driving and I wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin again.

What was your favorite feature of the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe?

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