Keep Sweat at Bay with new Dry Spray Deodorant from Axe, Dove, and Degree!

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Have you ever applied deodorant early in the day only to find out that you’ve sweat through your favorite blouse by lunchtime? We’ve all been there, and it is not only embarrassing, it’s frustrating. Underarm antiperspirant is suppose to work no matter how sweaty and angry your underarms can get at times, right?

Well, things are about to change in the deodorant and antiperspirant aisle at Meijer. They have new Dry Sprays from my favorite brands: Axe®, Dove and Degree®.


I’ve written about Dove deodorants in the past, and what can I say– I love them! Now my favorite deodorants are available in a new and convenient packaging– a spray! These new 48-hour antiperspirant sprays are unlike anything currently available. They go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Unlike ordinary deodorant sticks or gels, the new Dry Sprays leave absolutely NO visible residue on the skin or clothing.


What I love the most about these sprays is not that they’re convenient, but they actually work! I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve never tried a spray deodorant before, but because they are from the brands I love and trust I knew I had to have some hope. I applied the Dry Spray deodorant after taking a shower, when my skin is thirstiest for hydration and they applied instantly dry. There was no sticky feeling or wait time. My underarms stayed dry ALL day and all night long. I literally only have to apply it once a day and it’s so easy and convenient to use!

I was so impressed with these new Dry Sprays and I even had my brothers try them out as well and they loved them. They are all sports players and these Dry Sprays are so convenient for them to use before practice. I am totally in love with these and am so glad they are now available at Meijer!

Have you tried these new Dry Sprays? What do you think?

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