Help Save Lives at the Blood Drive in Fenton, MI!

Summer time is a crucial time for blood donations as many hospitals see blood supply shortages during this time. This makes it difficult sometimes for the American Red Cross to meet hospital patient needs.


Giving blood is so rewarding– it’s such a great feeling knowing that you are helping to save someone else’s life. I’ve never been able to give blood in the past before, but if you are able to I highly encourage you to do so and now is your chance.


Suburban Propane is supporting the American Red Cross for 37 summer blood drives across the country! This Monday, on June 13th at 12pm, there will be a blood drive in Fenton, MI.

In order to increase donations, Suburbane Propane is supporting the American Red Cross Blodd Drive Event at the Fenton VFW by providing an onsite cook-out and $10 Visa gift cards to all who give blood at the drive.

You can give blood from 12pm until 6pm on Monday, June 13th.

1148 N Leroy
Fenton, MI

The Red Cross relies on volunteer donors for the 14,000 blood donations needed every day to support patients at about 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide. However, during the summer months, two fewer donors schedule an appointment to give blood at each Red Cross blood drive than what patients need.

You can attend the blood drive in Fenton, MI to give blood and help save lives.

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