Applebee’s Opens in Detroit!

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I was recently invited to the new Applebee’s last weekend for a special VIP preview event with my sisters in honor of the grand opening that following Monday. It is Detroit’s FIRST Applebee’s restaurant and it’s also the first national casual dining chain located outside the city’s central business district, so it was pretty exciting!

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The first thing I noticed about the Applebee’s restaurant is that it is really specific to Detroit which I thought was so welcoming. It is really different from other Applebee’s I’ve been to in the past in that it features a brand new layout equipped with a large bar area, high ceilings, and restaurant TVs. What I found particularly inviting was that it infuses local elements to bring out the heart and soul of Detroit including murals along the wall, names of Detroit high schools and universities above the windows, and an overall atmosphere that makes you feel like home.

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We started off with the spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips which I thought was SO GOOD. It was actually my first time trying spinach and artichoke dip and I am definitely a fan. My sisters have had that kind of dip before and they said that it was honestly the best one they’ve ever tried. I would definitely recommend it!

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We each received a card on our table that had options on what we could order since it was a “mock service” styled VIP service. I thought that was really neat because it helped train the staff to be prepared for orders from different categories on opening day. We chose the Shrimp Wonton Stirfry, the Classic Burger, and the Shrimp Linguini for our entrees. The portions were nice and the flavors were really good too. Of the three our favorite was the Shrimp Linguini, definitely a must-try! I loved how they also had healthy options on the menu including vegetarian options and entrees under a certain amount of calories.

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For dessert we had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown which is a moist chocolate cake with a fudge-filled center that was served with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge and we also had the Blue Ribbon Brownie Bite which had moist chunks of dark chocolate, nuts, and hot fudge also served with vanilla ice cream. These desserts were so delicious and decadent. I shared mine with Zach who isn’t a fan of brownies, but loved it! My sisters had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown and they said it was so moist and had the perfect amount of sweetness.

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What I thought was really cool was that on each table there is a tablet in which you can actually order your appetizers, drinks, and desserts and even pay your bill when you’re done. There are also a ton of games on there you can play and trivia styled games for adults and kids so while you’re waiting you can have some fun. At first Zach was coloring in his book but then decided to play a few games on the tablet while waiting for his food and he loved it. I think it’s a cool way to keep kids entertained while they wait especially. These tablets are actually only specific to the Detroit location, but they hope to roll them out in other locations as well! So keep an eye out for them because I think they’re neat.

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Overall we really had a great time at Applebee’s. The staff was so friendly and accommodating and the location in general is so perfect! I hope more people will be able to try it out because I think they’d have a nice time while enjoying their meal with all of the neat things going on inside.

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2111 W. 8 Mile Road
Detroit, MI

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